The Best 5 Free and Open Source Point of Sale Systems

Read this article and discover the best 5 free and open source POS systems! Learn about their most important features and choose the best point of sale software for your business!

POS systems or Point of Sale systems are designed to manage the transactions which control and process the funds. There are a lot of advanced POS systems for small businesses that can offer incredible features such as Inventory management software for business, management, employee, and much more.

If you want to develop your business into the right direction, choosing the best POS system is crucial. Here is a list of top 5 free and open source POS systems:

  1. RetailCloud – This software is accessible in two forms: Enterprise POS and Zero POS. The Enterprise software is accessible for $60 per month. Zero POS has every one of the components that are expected to run a store at no cost every month. Here are some of the features you need to know:
  • Unlimited Transactions: This system offers unlimited transaction which implies you can run various exchanges in a day, week, month and year.
  • Unlimited Support: If any issue emerges amid managing this POS software, there is unlimited support team that can help you find a solution.
  • Other Features: Signature Capture, Management of Exchanges & Refunds, EMV-Ready Payment Acceptance, and etc.
  1. Wanda POS – This platform keeps running on Windows (Vista, 7, 8), Mac OS, Linux, and so on. Download free POS programming synchronizes the data of clients and items from POS to any ERP application like iDempiere. Here are some of the features:
  • Own in-built database.
  • Accessible in 15 languages.
  • The most adaptable free POS system and can be utilized from bars, restaurants, cafeterias, bookshops, and etc.
  • Offers security to every client from administrator to director and even assistant. It additionally gives security to the visitor.


Point of Sale Systems

3. ProffittCenter – ProffittCenter functions as a cash register which takes the money and runs discounts for small businesses. It is definitely the best choice having every one of the features for small businesses, as of its excellent User Interface. Some of its most important features are:
– Windows compatible and successfully solves every one of the issues identified with the retail locations.
– Offers free user care support.
– Easy to understand Interface.
– Offers weekly responsive support through email or telephone.
4. Loyverse POS – It is an absolutely free POS application planned for use on any IOS or Android gadget. Loyverse POS makes it simple for you to deal with the stock and envision the sales analytics, hold, secure and for even deal with your clients. Loyverse is 100% free POS programming for small businesses such as shops, stores, and salons. Some of its features are:
– It fits appropriate on your stores of any sort like Café, Bakery, Bar, Discounter, Bike Shop, and etc.
– Incorporates the free tools for overseeing retail organizations.
– Inventory management for a low stock alert.
– Offers daily, weekly, and monthly reports for your company’s growth.
– Incorporates employee management scheme which characterizes the authorizations and roles of your workers.
5. Odoo – Odoo is open source POS software as it makes managing simpler with completely coordinated inventory and bookkeeping modules. You can download open source POS system for Ubuntu, Windows, and RPM. Here are some of the features you need to know:
– The simple interface enables you to serve numerous clients at the same time.
– Utilizes the barcode scanner for prices discounts.
– Allows credit card payments and invoicing.

You can also check Shopify POS, with great sale POS offerings. Just make sure that you choose the best one for your business!