Running a restaurant business, yet you haven’t found the perfect IMS solution for food costs and inventory management? Read this article and discover the best inventory management software for restaurants in 2017.

The restaurant business comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially when you are working with food and beverages that have short expiration date and products that constantly change the prices on the market.

This is where an inventory management software will come handy for your restaurant to help restaurant managers, or owners, to save on inventory and food waste costs. The software needs to track and analyze sales, as well as food use, and forecast how much quantity should be procured for the next period.

Besides that, a good inventory management software could discover which foods are costing the restaurant mostly and provide a report with a solution on how to save funds by not wasting high costing foods, or overstocking the high-cost products.

A great feature by using IMS solution is getting a POS compatible with iOS or Android app. That way, the staff that is on the front end can be able to input data instantly in the cloud system that can be later analyzed and provide reports for the inventory management.

What are the three most recommend IMS and tools in 2017?

  1. TouchBistro – An iPad Point of Sale software made for restaurants. It is developed to serve all needs of the restaurant industry with a complete food costing monitoring and inventory management possibilities.

For more luxurious restaurants the waiters can provide the tablet/iPad POS system to the table when payment is requested, and recommend addons as well as other marketing services while guests are signing off.

Other features that are provided are splitting checks, printing receipts, as well as emailing them to the customer. All of that bundled with in-depth sales report system that provides great insights for the management.

  1. Breadcrumb – Is another iPad Point of Sale system developed by the restaurant industry veterans. It provides great control for the management as well as the front end staff via amazing features as marking available tables, modifying menu items, splitting checks for multiple customers while payroll data is processed.

A great feature by this solution is dividing the tables into zones and then analyzing each sale per zone for promotion needs.

  1. Toast – Tailored for restaurant and food industry needs, this inventory management software solution and an app is a great choice. It provides amazing features for table service, neat payment processor and order processing on the go. It has a user-friendly interface with drag and drop options for menus and bill splitting or tipping.

Are you ready to improve your guest’s experience and inventory management? We hope we helped you to choose the best software solutions for restaurant inventory management and cost in 2017.

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